Masterclass | Serge Augier

Master Serge AUGIER is the heir of the Daoist tradition “Da Xuan”, which was passed from China to France by Master Wang Tian Xian, his master.

This tradition has a precise lineage, dating from the year 510 in Kunlun.

He teaches and practices the five arts of his Daoist School:

Practicing his tradition since his childhood, he now has more than 40 years of experience that he loves to pass on and share with those who are willing to commit themselves to it.

The mastery of his discipline allows him to teach his Way throughout the world, including teaching the fighting arts twice per year in Hong Kong to the Chinese themselves.

His experience has allowed him to open his age-old teaching to the western world, to adapt it to its way of thinking while preserving the traditional spirit of his art."

Vidéos Cursus 1 « Physiologie Énergétique & Diagnostique »

Vidéos Cursus 2 « Entrainement au Qi tangible »

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